No Money back refund for any products, only exchanges within 14 days.


Unconditional Lifetime Warranty on all phone cables!!!


1 year warranty on the Sonic Quake, Sonic Pod, Light N Charge, and Light N Charge XL ONLY.

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All New Age Discoveries (N.A.D) cables have an unconditional warranty.  Please see the following fixes below before returning your cable for a replacement.
The primary reason many iPhone cables "stop working" is due to Apple software blocking the cable.  There is a serial number in each cable and that number is registered each time the cable is plugged into an Apple device.  That number is then uploaded to Apple and sometimes when they roll out a large phone update, many of the serial numbers associated with cables that are not paying the $4 royalty fee per cable (MFi certification) plus their branded $1 lightning tip are blocked.  The only way to use the cable after that, is to use it with an Apple product that has not been updated.  This is one reason I now offer the unconditional warranty as I am not willing to pay the $5 total royalties per cable.
With most other cable issues, there is a 98% chance that there is lint/etc in your charging port.  That is the primary reason a cable will only work at a certain position or while being pushed in.  Even if you think there is no lint or looks free of lint or other cables work fine (different tip lengths), I am sure that is the problem.  It is very easy to clean out the port.
     1. Turn off your phone if using a pin or paper clip or use a toothpick
     2. Gently scrape the bottom of your port while working the lint to the side and then out of the phone
     3. Even if using canned air etc, you still need to scrape the lint free as it is compacted from the charging cables
If that does not help, then one of the connectors or line may have been damaged in which I or the location where you purchased the cable will replace the cable.
Also be sure you are using a quality USB plug from New Age Discoveries or another reputable brand.  Many plugs on the market are very slow charging due to low output even if the plug has a higher output printed on it.  The slight loss of power due to the extra length of the cable and the slow plug will cause the phone to charge very slowly or with some Apple products, will give a charging error message.
If the end has broken off, it was either dropped, damaged due to the phone being held with stress on the cable, or perhaps the cable end was stepped on.  It is a solid circuit board that is attached far into the end of the cable, so it cannot fall off or pull out in your phone on its own.  If this is what has happened, follow the steps below for replacement.  Either return to the store, tradeshow, or follow the steps below for a replacement.
1. Cut off USB end with N.A.D on it
2. Mail to the address below:
         - a note with return address, type of cable (iPhone, micro, USB C), and replacement color (white, black, pink, blue, gold, rainbow)
         - the USB end with N.A.D
         - $5 for return postage
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